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Nourishment Beyond Nutrition

Updated: Mar 7

When I was a nutrition editor, I read studies and attended conferences where I (figuratively) gobbled up information about which foods deliver which nutrients — and how those nutrients support good health.

Now, as a health coach, I support many of my clients with their nutrition. For sure, making dietary changes can lead to powerful shifts in your physical and emotional health.

But good nutrition is not the only way to nourish yourself. 

What else are you consuming?

Besides food, what do you “take in” that makes you feel GOOD?

Which relationships nourish you?

Who in your life supports you? Who understands and listens to you? Who brings out your best? Who loves you anyway when you’re not your best? 

Which physical activities nourish you?

What kind of exercise energizes you? What movement brings a sense of calm? What activity makes you feel like a kid again — in the best way?

Which media (print, video, audio, digital) nourishes you?

What inspires you to make positive changes? What makes you feel at ease or more connected to others? What opens you up to a new perspective?

Which spiritual practices connect you to something greater?

What rituals or routines feel grounding? What practices inspire a sense of meaning or purpose? What do you do to feel more connected to yourself — and to something larger?

We Are Holistic!

We’re physical, emotional, spiritual, social creatures; we experience our lives and engage with the world in different ways. We are holistic! So of course we need more than good physical health habits to feel well.

How will you nourish yourself this month — body AND soul? What support do you need to feel good in all areas of well-being? I invite you to join me for a FREE coaching Discovery Call to explore whether health coaching could help you on your journey to whole-person wellness.

Please drop me a note at, or click on the button below to schedule your call.

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