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There's more to you than what's written in your medical file.

Reclaim your story.

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Hi! I'm Jill Patton

The best healthcare professionals are true experts in their fields.


But you’re the only expert on your life.


As a board-certified health and wellness coach who is also a professional health writer, I work with you to imagine and create your new health story. Through coaching, we weave the expert diagnosis and treatment plan with your personal experience, your self-awareness, and your beliefs about what’s possible.


What will your story be?

I work directly with you or in partnership with your physician to support you in the following areas:

Stress · Nutrition · Movement · Sleep · Energy · Focus · Mindfulness · 
Habit Change · Relationships · Self-acceptance · Spirituality

My Services

30-Minute Discovery Call

This is a complimentary call to explore how health and wellness coaching can support you in creating and living your own vision for a healthier life.

Action Plan Coaching

Designed for people who are working with or have been referred by a healthcare practitioner, this package includes a 90-minute foundation session followed by five (5) 45-minute coaching sessions to empower you to achieve your health goals.

your next best steps


This 90-minute stand-alone coaching call is designed to identify your next best steps toward feeling healthier. Walk away with actions you can take on your own, or apply this session toward a coaching package for further support.

My Story

More about Jill PatTon

As a board-certified health and wellness coach who is also a health journalist, my coaching style reflects my belief in the power of story — the personal narratives that shape our lives, our identities, and our beliefs about what’s possible.


As your coach, I guide you in exploring stories that empower you and stories that hold you back, and I champion you as you craft a new story for yourself. 

My perspective is also shaped by decades of personal exploration into yoga, meditation, and wellness, as well as my own experience as a breast cancer survivor. I will be a compassionate companion for you and believe that well-being is a claimable treasure wherever you are in your health journey.

I am a contributing editor to the award-winning Experience Life magazine, where I write about emotional health and personal development as well as nutrition. As a journalist-turned-coach, I am interested in bridging the gap between information and personal experience. I enjoy facilitating groups and leading workshops, as well as supporting clients in one-on-one relationships.


I trained through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and am board certified through the National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches. 


When I'm not coaching or writing, you might find me doing "food projects" in the kitchen (making nut milk is weirdly satisfying), reading sci-fi and fantasy novels on the sofa with my pooch, or embarking on bike rides and other adventures with my family. One of my big goals is to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain.


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Jill Patton Pattern and colors-04.png
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Healthy Exchange

Conversations and connections that support your well-being

Part podcast-style interview, part group-coaching experience, Healthy Exchange is a free online gathering where we explore facets of well-being and learn to apply new skills in our lives.


Enjoy past Healthy Exchange interviews in the videos below.  

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National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) through the National Board of Health &Wellness Coaches

Functional Medicine Certified Health coach (FMCHC) through Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

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